Welcome to The Free City of Lochlainn, traveller.

The Free City of Lochlainn will be a city in the upcoming MMO Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures from Funcom. Lochlainn will be an open city, where everyone who is interested can apply for citizenship. Like this, all get the possibility to own a house or open a shop or just have a place to call home.

There is not much known about how player cities and player housing in Age of Conan will work. But the way it looks now is that only guilds will be able to build player settlements. But not everyone who would like to have a house wants to join a guild (with all the possible rules, restrictions, duties etc. that sometimes come when joining a guild). And maybe you don't want to follow orders of any guildmaster or have to be online at specfic schedules or attend to large scale raids that so many guilds make you to. So here's where Lochlainn will come into play.

The plan is to gather enough interested citizens to make a guild of our own. Because only as a guild we get the chance to build our own city. The difference to a "normal" guild is, that there is no common goal the citizens of Lochlainn will have to follow. The only task for us will be to build and maintain our city so we all can have the home, shop, workshop etc. that we want. The Free City of Lochlainn is planned to be neither a PvP nor RP oriented guild. We just want to build a city of our own and don't limit our citizens with any rules like that.

However, to maintain peace and order in Lochlainn, there will be a City Council that will be elected by the citizens. The council will be in charge of tasks such as keeping the city safe from outside attacks (NPC mobs) as well as inside disorder (crime on the streets) or the planning of how and where the player houses will be built inside the city. Citizens will have to pay taxes in order to help keep the city clean and safe.

For more details about a subject please check the several sections above. But keep in mind that we don't know enough to make any rules that are set in stone yet. Many things might actually change before Age of Conan goes gold.

... and if your are interested in becoming a citizen of Lochlainn, go check the forums where you can fill out an application. Like mentioned before, everyone is welcome.