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Robert Ervin Howard
1906 - 1936

In 1932 a gifted young American writer by the name of Robert E. Howard brought Conan, a barbarian from the fictional land of Cimmeria, to life. Robert E. Howard's vibrant style of writing inspired a whole generation of fantasy writers, painters and many other artists. He basically invented the 'Barbarian' character type present in Pen and Paper RPGs, Computer games, movies and books.

The character of Conan has seen uncounted incarnations in many different medias since then. Books, comics, newspaper strips, movies, pictures, paintings, animated and real character TV series, various different merchandise, action figures, trading card games, board games, live-action stage show that ran for 10 years at Universal Studios in Los Angeles ... the list goes on and on.

On this website here, I want to concentrate on the computer and video games about our all-time favourite barbarian. I tried to gather all the relevant facts about all these games and in some cases, there are even downloads of playable versions available on this site too. Most require an emulator software as the first few games were not meant to be played on a PC when they were released.

I hope you like to browse through these pages as much as I enjoyed putting them together! The list of games will of course be updated when new Conan games are announced or published.

Hall of Volta

Spectrum ZX
(1987 - 1993)

Mysteries of Time

Conan the Cimmerian

Hyboria -
Conan the Conqueror
never released

Conan - Dark Axe

Conan (Consoles)

Age of Conan
Hyborian Adventures

Age of Conan
Rise of the Godslayer

Tiny Barbarian

Conan - Movie

Conan - Tower of
the Elephant

Age of Conan
Location additions